Nature ~ Big Bear Bald Eagle Cam—Red Sky Morning, 03/09/2020

Yes, storms are forecast over the next several days.

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Blog ~ Publications: 7 Nature Articles on Big Bear Bald Eagle Cam, 02/22/2020 – 03/07/2020

I think there is more to come…

Over the last two weeks, I have written and published the above 7 articles about a pair of bald eagles, Jackie & Shadow, who are nesting 100’ above the ground in a 120’ Jeffery Pine Tree that sits 7,000’ above sea level at Big Bear Lake in Southern California, northeast of San Bernardino and about 100 miles northeast of Los Angles.

The eagles have been, and continue to, incubate the two eggs Jackie laid mid-January. Of course, those eggs are no longer viable, if they ever were. You may imagine there is interest in the status of the eggs and the mated pair. The Livestream Cam has 9.19K YouTube Subscribers–several thousand watch and chat daily.

My blog articles contain photographs [screen captures] from the 24/7, 365 camera operated by the I add my commentary to the events of the day, as they relate to the pictures I choose to capture and share. You can see them in my Flickr Album titled 2020 Big Bear Eagle Cam. There are just over 200 pictures that have been viewed over 125 times. Many have even made it into the top 25 of my Flickr 2020 Most Interesting Album. I invite you to visit both. Thank you.

Nature ~ Big Bear Bald Eagle Cam—Above the Fluff, 03/07/2020

The eggs, that is…

The “infamous eggs”, now nearing 60 days since they were laid—normal bald eagle eggs hatch in 35_44 days. These have be classified as non-viable by experts, yet some hold out hope for a miracle. It matters not that a eaglets size would far exceed an eggs capacity in this time period. Still, Jackie, the mom, and Shadow, the dad, have not buried the eggs, have not eaten the eggs, etc. The ravens have not made off with them. Yes, the parents continue to incubate them.

Jackie is a brooding eagle. It is her instinct to sit on the eggs until they are no more—hatched or lost to nature. Some of the viewers are saddened—they cry at the thought of Jackie & Shadow pining about this clutch not hatching. I give we are each entitled to our view and our emotions. My reading and experiences put me in a different place. Over time, they are expected to spend less and less time at the nest. They are so doing now.

So, if you will, the egg watch goes on. What will be their ultimate demise and how long will it take? Whatever it is, I want to capture it in photographs. For now, the eggs remain above the fluff…

See these screen grabs in my 2020 Big Bear Eagle Cam Album, now with over 200 pictures from 02/22 thru 03/07/2020.

Nature ~ Big Bear Bald Eagle Cam—Jackie & Shadow Afterglow, 03/06/2020

This time, with no apparent vocalizations…

It seems that Shadow paid a twilight visit To Jackie just after the infrared light came on so the she could leave the nest, only to return in a few minutes. There is interaction between the two that compelled that I do my best to capture it. So, here you are…

See these screen grabs in my 2020 Big Bear Eagle Cam Album, now with over 200 pictures from 02/22 thru 03/07/2020.

Nature ~ Big Bear Bald Eagle Cam—Closeups of Jackie & Shadow, 03/04/2020

A day of intense alert…

The mated pair [as they continue to sit on non-viable eggs]. Jackie has the yellower beak and the flatter head. As a female, she is the larger of the two. Shadow has a blemish above his right eye, having been apparently injures in fighting a bald eagle intruder Monday, 03/02/2020. The injury seems to be recovering well. Thanks to the Big Bear Eagle Cam Operators for the zoomed-in video. Aren’t they a handsome pair?

See these screen grabs in my 2020 Big Bear Eagle Cam Album, now with over 200 pictures from 02/22 thru 03/07/2020.

Nature ~ Big Bear Bald Eagle Cam 2020 Aerial Screen Captures-01

Simply phenomenal video from the Big Bear Eagle Cam operators.


The last weeks have been simply amazing, from scenic fly-bye to raven visits, and intruder battles—both on the ground and in flight. The collage above shows but a few. My Flickr Big Bear Eagle Cam Album now has 133 of my screen-grabs, with 117 visits. Some of the pics are now at the top of My 2020 Flickr Most Interesting [25] Album. Come see them for yourself. Thanks! —jalex

Nature ~ Big Bear Bald Eagle Cam, 02/23/2020

The morning began with a Shadow flyby and then his landing to relieve Jackie after her overnight shift.

Wow! I am liking the 32 screen grabs [captures] I have made of these two bald eagles—Jackie & Shadow. I have observed them for nearly a week now as they make every effort to give to this world 2 additional bald eagles. Although, it is doubtful for this clutch—I feel certain the future will bring us more offspring from this pair.

The opportunity to capture their nesting and related pictures would not be possible without many others—the U.S. Forest Service – San Bernardino, Facebook’s Big Bear Lake Bald Eagles Group, the YouTube Big Bear Eagle Cam, Friends of Big Bear Valley, the live chats, the moderators, and especially the camera operators who give viewers the moments that we can savor and maybe, just maybe capture Jackie & Shadow living their truths and impressing us all. I am happy to have been able to record a few of my impressions. Enjoy…

I know there are countless others who support this effort, the Friends of Big Bear Valley being one. They installed and maintain the camera that we enjoy to watch the nest. As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization they need public support. You can donate to them at their site.