Meal ~ Super Bowl LIV, Sunday, 02/02/2020

It is quite tasty—next time with salmon…


A casserole that lasted 5 days, with some saved for later. I modified a Homestyle Ground Beef Casserole recipe my sister-in-law [Doris Mason-Griffin] sent me months ago. Instead of ground beef, I substituted shredded chicken. I added yellow onion, garlic, mushrooms, rosemary, hot pepper, and bacon. I varied the ingredients to suit my taste. I did not pre-cook the egg noodles. I cooked this Saturday before the game. It goes well with a salad and cranberry sauce.

I expect to cook this again at some point—maybe Super Bowl LV. Anyway, I will likely use flaked wild pacific salmon instead of chicken.


Photography ~ Infrared—Beastgrip Kenko Pro Series 0.75X Wide Conversion Lens & Hoya R72 Infrared Lens, 01/26

Fayetteville, North Carolina Market House

Flickr 2020 Infrared Photography by jalexartis Photography

Photography ~ Infrared—BeastGrip Kenko Pro Series 0.75X Wide Conversion Lens & Hoya R72 Infrared Lens, 01/09

Red, White, & Blue

Infrared photography [3 sets of 7 images] shot with an iPhone 11 Pro with a BeastGrip Kenko Pro Series 0.75X Wide Conversion Lens and a Hoya R72 Infrared Lens. Post-processing in the Darkroom iOS App.

Flickr Album with the above pictures.

jalexartis ~ Hair Styling, Natural Genius Hair Salon, Fayetteville, North Carolina, 12/23

Stylist: Tressa

Okay! Here I am 6-days after my 74th Birthday with a retwist of my dreadlocs and a first-time hairstyle [and photos of me] by Tressa, Natural Genius Hair Salon, downtown Fayetteville, NC. My hair extends below my pectoral muscles in front and shoulder blades in back.

Tressa styled a dreadloc crown of my locs to reduce the weight of my hair on new growth. Over my 7 years of wearing my hair loced, I have had some breakage. Over the next year Tressa will reattach some of my broken locs. That will cost me $10 for each repair.

I will forever be indebted to and most thankful to Nafisah, my first stylist and the person who cared for my hair for the last 7 years. Nafisah consulted with Tressa and put her in contact with me for repair of broken locs and to be my new stylist.

I like today’s style. Repaired locs on the crown on my head, will allow subsequent styles to cover more of my receding hairline. Let’s see what we have a year from now.

Thanks Nafisah and Tressa!

2019 pics of yours truly in a Flickr Album.

DIY ~ Nanoleaf Canvas—Preferred Display Location—Chg1 & More, 12/6

Waited 11 days—this is it! My DIY Nanoleaf Canvas is in its final position.

After placing the shadow box at 4 positions in my office, I am keeping it on the front of my desk. It displays best there and does not interfere with other devices or items.

Using a Philips Hue HDMI Sync Box, the color ambiance lights Respond to video, music, & games. The box can control up to 10 Philips Hue Color Lights [16 million colors] and can connect up to 4 HDMI devices. I have 3 connected: an Apple TV 4K, a Roku Ultra, and a Samsung Blu-Ray Player. The box then feeds the TV with a single HDMI cable.

You also see these pics in my 2019 DIY—Accent Lighting Flickr Album.

DIY ~ Nanoleaf Canvas—My Preferred Display Location, 11/28

Now, this is it!

Now, centered on the back wall and suspended from the ceiling. The square panel lights of the Nanoleaf Canvas dance to sounds. Music actuated accent lighting is most intriguing.

You can also see these pics in my 2019 DIYs in this Flickr Album.

…and now a snippet of the Nanoleaf Canvas Accent Lighting in the vid below.

DIY ~ Wood Shadow Box for Nanoleaf Canvas—Finished, 11/27

Now, topped off with a crystal turtle…

This accent lighting display has 13 Nanoleaf Canvas Lighting Panels placed in a DIY wood shadowbox. For a 3D-effect, I placed the top of a garden trellis in the box. Backlit by the panels, it yields a nice silhouette atop the panels.

Filling the top-center of the piece is a crystal turtle. It is translucent and reflective and makes the creation more unique and special. It fills a gap that would otherwise just be dark. Otherwise, the trellis top would be lost.

The multitude of colors give an interesting ambiance for my office/man-cave. It is a special place from which to podcast.

You can also see these pics in my 2019 DIYs in this Flickr Album.