Cooking ~ New Year’s Beef Brisket—Add Final Ingredients, 12/29

This dish is truly tasty—maybe ranking in my top-five, certainly top-ten. The blackeye peas are a delectable compliment. I’ll also eat it with cranberry sauce. The flavors well meld over-night. I expect to lift fat that solidifies. Gosh! This is so good…

Before adding the final ingredients.

The first-third [Christmas] & the final-third [01/05]


Cooking ~ New Years Beef Brisket, 12/29

Christmas Brisket

[This one definitly does not look chocolate.]

Okay, I floured the meat & browned it; sautéed the vegetables; added the veggies to the meat in a Dutch-Oven; and, pre-cooked the cabbage, carrots, & red potatoes–just enough to minimize cooking time. Now, I will make a gravy to ensure the dish thickens as it finishes.

That may be around 2:30 pm after 4-hours of cooking at 325°.

I think this dish will be tasty and wholesome!

Oh yeah, I’m also cooking a crockpot of blackeye peas [2 bags] in beef broth.

Will it all fit in this Dutch-Oven or will I have to use my roaster???

I have finished this dish–DELICIOUS!


Cooking ~ Christmas Beef Brisket, 12/25


The middle-third [New Year’s] & The final-third [01/05]

Cooking photography video

Cooking ~ Christmas Beef Brisket, 12/24

It is done.