Photography ~ Kit/Gear–Camera Robot, 11/12

A way to remotely point my iPhone at an image I want to capture.

I have placed my iPhone on top of my camera robot so that I can use my Canon/iPad to point the lens of both cameras at the scene I want to photograph. The two are aligned somewhat like a rifle scope and the barrel of a gun.

Photography ~ Kit/Gear—Apple Pencil 2, 12/31

Finally, I am able to use an important component of my photography workflow.

I purchased it yesterday at our local BestBuy.

Apple Pencil 2 for my iPad Pro 12.9”

Technology ~ iPad Pro 12.9 [3rd Generation], 11/22

Replacement device for iPad Pro 10.9, sold 11/04.


I expect my greatest use of this iPad will be the remote control of the Canon EOS 6D through CamRanger. The LiveView Screen size is significantly larger and of course, increased speed [along with CamRanger 2–due sometime in 2019] will allow me to take pictures more rapidly. My initial impressions are very positive. I should take my first pictures with this 12.9 Pro this weekend.