Prince Charles Hotel Being Restored to Majestic Glory

A structure with a storied history…


Prince Charles Hotel is a historic hotel building located in Fayetteville, North Carolina. It was built by James Addison Jones between 1923 and 1925 and is a seven-story, Colonial Revival style steel frame building sheathed in brick and concrete.

It features an Italian Renaissance-style palazzo. The original section housed 125 rooms. A 60-room addition was built in 1942. Jordan Jones, the project manager for the new owners of the hotel, is the great-great-grandson of the builder. The structure is being converted into apartments and commercial spaces [see the video {link below} for details]. 

More history… The photographs below are from the Fayetteville Observer March 3, 2017, Archives.

My recent photographs and a December 14, 2018, 39-minute tour through the building by Jordan Jones showing renovation progress.


Tour of the Progress Made at the Prince Charles, Fayetteville, North Carolina, 12/14


The apartments and restaurants are to be ready for occupancy and patrons March 2019. The video has lots of details–pictures, 12/16. Thanks to the Fayetteville Observer for the Live Tour. I saw it as it happened.

Are you excited yet???

2018 Event ~ Fayetteville, NC Rotary Christmas Parade–E.E. Smith High School Band, 12/08

Magnificent Marching Machine

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2018 Event ~ Fayetteville, North Carolina Rotary Christmas Parade Closeups, 12/08

Hosted by the Liberty Point Rotary Club.

See many more of the 252 pics I took & uploaded to this Flickr Album.