Meal ~ Super Bowl LIV, Sunday, 02/02/2020

A casserole that lasted 5 days, with some saved for later. I modified a Homestyle Ground Beef Casserole recipe my sister-in-law [Doris Mason-Griffin] sent me months ago. Instead of ground beef, I substituted shredded chicken. I added yellow onion, garlic, mushrooms, rosemary, hot pepper, and bacon. I varied the ingredients to suit my taste. I did not pre-cook the egg noodles. I cooked this Saturday before the game. It goes well with a salad and cranberry sauce.

I expect to cook this again at some point—maybe Super Bowl LV. Anyway, I will likely use flaked wild pacific salmon instead of chicken.


Cooking ~ A Meal to Tide Me Over to the Last-third of Beef Brisket, 01/03

This dish has baby kale & spinach, baby-cut carrots, chopped boiled eggs, chopped mushrooms, crumbled feta cheese, sliced Polish Kielbasa, sweet peppers, and spices [including a slice of Carolina Reaper Pepper [–the world’s hottest chili pepper”] cooked in cooking sherry. The flavors are profound and it looks good…

I prepared a similar dish nearly 2- years ago. Both are made from scratch—just what’s in my head at the time. Saturday, I plan to cook the remainder of the beef brisket—again, prepared differently than I cooked the Christmas Brisket and the New Year’s Brisket].