Photography ~ Market House Sunrise, 01/29

Downtown, Fayetteville, North Carolina


This is the first of two sunrises of the year where the sun rises due east of the Market House. This follows winter solstice as sunrises appear to move to the north before they again trek southward after sumer solstice. Then, we can see the second of the referenced sunrises on November 11th—Veterans Day [my 2019 pics].

Flickr Album with all of my Market House sunrise pictures.


Downtown Fayetteville, NC Happenings ~ Parking Deck’s Completion As January’s End Nears, 01/26/20

This time in infrared…

I plan to take 1st of the month [February] photos this Saturday. The burning question remains: “When will this parking deck open?” One can see many finishing touches being applied. There is now a street address; arms are in place to control vehicle movement in & out of the deck; and, glass borders are installed. Some cleanup has happened.

Flickr Parking Deck Album

Photography ~ Infrared—Beastgrip Kenko Pro Series 0.75X Wide Conversion Lens & Hoya R72 Infrared Lens, 01/26

Fayetteville, North Carolina Market House

Flickr 2020 Infrared Photography by jalexartis Photography

Photography ~ Infrared—BeastGrip Kenko Pro Series 0.75X Wide Conversion Lens & Hoya R72 Infrared Lens, 01/09

Red, White, & Blue

Infrared photography [3 sets of 7 images] shot with an iPhone 11 Pro with a BeastGrip Kenko Pro Series 0.75X Wide Conversion Lens and a Hoya R72 Infrared Lens. Post-processing in the Darkroom iOS App.

Flickr Album with the above pictures.