Lensball Photography ~ First Pictures, 05/28-06/01

I can capture some compelling photographs using this 80mm Lensball Pro


Flickr First Lensball Pro Photos [May & June 2109] Ablum


Photography ~ Fayetteville SEGRA Stadium After Dark, 04/11

Stadium “street lights” are on ~ Stadium name illuminated by ambient light

Fayetteville SEGRA Stadium pictures by jalexartis Photography

Fayetteville, North Carolina SEGRA Stadium Update [downtown lights], 03/30

These are an interesting addition to Fayetteville’s night scene, never mind light pollution…

Fayetteville, NC SEGRA Stadium Update, 03/17

Stadium lights are on and have been for several days now.

Let’s see how the lights look from a distance–about a mile or so away.

Photography ~ Cam-n-van–After a Rainy Day, 10/26

Reflections are nice…

Our rain stopped after 9:00 pm. I went for this shoot around 10:30 pm–captured 29 and reduced those to 8.