Event ~ HASM and Fort Bragg Chapels’ Community Choir Concert, 11/30

Hymns, Anthems and Sacred Music

Thursday [rehersal] & Friday [concert] I took many photographs of which I have uploaded 155 pictures to this Flickr Album.

Thanks to Ms. Helene G. Smith, Director, for hiring me and to my friend, Janet Major-Ferritto, for referring me. Best to both of you and the members of your choir.

Be blessed…


Technology ~ iPad Pro 12.9 [3rd Generation], 11/22

Replacement device for iPad Pro 10.9, sold 11/04.


I expect my greatest use of this iPad will be the remote control of the Canon EOS 6D through CamRanger. The LiveView Screen size is significantly larger and of course, increased speed [along with CamRanger 2–due sometime in 2019] will allow me to take pictures more rapidly. My initial impressions are very positive. I should take my first pictures with this 12.9 Pro this weekend.

Photography ~ Work in Progress Sculptures, Fayetteville, North Carolina–the Artist, 11/23

See this sculpture at City Hall.

The artist who created “Community,” on display in Fayetteville, North Carolina

Mr. Okonkwo is from East Nigeria and now lives in Fayetteville, Georgia. Here is a catalog with a gallery of pieces he created and has for sale. Earlier tonight, I published a blog article with photographs of “Community,” as it adorns the front of our City Hall. I took those pictures the day before Thanksgiving.

Photography ~ Work in Progress Sculptures, Fayetteville, North Carolina, 11/21

Three ladies, in harmony, sit in front of City Hall. The piece is called “Community.” I found it in his gallery.

My 2016 Work in Progress Pictures

I found a picture by Dave Smith of a similar sculpture on Flickr. It is titled “Friends” by Nnamdi Okonkwo. This piece is titled “Community.” I found it in his gallery. By the way, Mr. Okonkwo lives in Fayetteville, Georgia–south of Atlanta. I saw the name of this town in 1968 as I drove to Ft. Benning, Georgia to report to active duty as a U.S. Army Infantry Second Lieutenant. That happened to be September 22nd.

Photography ~ Lake Glenville– A Fayetteville, North Carolina Drinking Water Source, 11/21

Do you know where our drinking water comes from?

The Public Works Commission (PWC) Watershed staff manages four lakes and a wetland pond – Bonnie Doone Lake, Kornbow Lake, Mintz Pond, Glenville Lake and Mallard Creek Wetland Pond. These areas are part of the Fayetteville drinking water supply watershed. The PWC staff co-manages Big Cross Creek and portions of the Cape Fear River. Out-flow from Lake Glenville is the Little Cross Creek.

Fayetteville’s current Watershed Management Program was established in January 1990 to ensure high quality water supplies for PWC’s water plants. PWC has two water treatment plants, the P.O. Hoffer Water Treatment Facility, which is located on the Cape Fear River, and the Glenville Lake Water Treatment Facility, which is located on Glenville Lake in the Little Cross Creek Watershed. PWC also operates a pump station on Big Cross Creek, which can pump up to one million gallons of water per day to the Glenville Lake Water Treatment Facility.

Okay, now you know a bit more about our tap [drinking] water sources. Please see this PWC Watershed Management Article for more. I have posted other pictures of Lake Glenville [dawn] and [late afternoon]. I also took pictures of the lake in 2014 when the spillway was under renovation.

Photography ~ Late Afternoon at Lake Glenville, Fayetteville, North Carolina, 11/21

Before sunset, long shadows began to creep in.