Cooking ~ New Years Beef Brisket, 12/29

This one with a vegetable medley and cooked in the oven versus the crockpot as the Christmas brisket was.

Christmas Brisket

[This one definitly does not look chocolate.]

Okay, I floured the meat & browned it; sautéed the vegetables; added the veggies to the meat in a Dutch-Oven; and, pre-cooked the cabbage, carrots, & red potatoes–just enough to minimize cooking time. Now, I will make a gravy to ensure the dish thickens as it finishes.

That may be around 2:30 pm after 4-hours of cooking at 325°.

I think this dish will be tasty and wholesome!

Oh yeah, I’m also cooking a crockpot of blackeye peas [2 bags] in beef broth.

Will it all fit in this Dutch-Oven or will I have to use my roaster???

I have finished this dish–DELICIOUS!

Gift ~ Birthday [73rd] December 17, 2018

From the Artis family of Richmond, Virginia. Thanks guys!!!

I have a rather extensive family tree, reaching to before 1737 on my paternal grandfather’s tree and 1773 on my maternal grandmother’s ancestral branch. Michael, my son, and his wife, Pamela, are also doing genealogy research and have results from their AncestryDNA.

Following their analysis of my DNA specimen, I will soon know more about my roots. Again, thanks Pam & Mike and your children, Lia & Brandon, for this special and thoughtful gift.

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Photography Workflow using the iOS Darkroom – Photo Editor App, 12/27

I am now using Darkroom for photo post-processing versus my former PC App.

Link to Darkroom – Photo Editor

Revised 12/31/2018

Cooking ~ Christmas Beef Brisket, 12/24

I think it has been over a year since I have prepared a meat dish.

It is done.

Frank Schaeffer on why Donald Trump is the President of the United States, 07/12/2017

Thanks to a dear friend, I see it today, 12/24/2018.

I have shared this video with 69 of my Facebook friends via Messenger. I am so touched by his words that I am sharing this video here. Best to all…

Other hits on Frank Schaeffer.