Cooking ~ The Last-third of the Beef Brisket, 01/05

The taste seems to get better and better…

Each meal was prepared differently; although, the ingredients for my New Year’s Dinner and today’s meal are basically the same. Key with each of them are the flavors and how they POP in my mouth. WOW!!!

Christmas Dinner ~ New Year’s Dinner

Cooking ~ A Meal to Tide Me Over to the Last-third of Beef Brisket, 01/03

A medley of colors and flavors that make me smile.

This dish has baby kale & spinach, baby-cut carrots, chopped boiled eggs, chopped mushrooms, crumbled feta cheese, sliced Polish Kielbasa, sweet peppers, and spices [including a slice of Carolina Reaper Pepper [–the world’s hottest chili pepper”] cooked in cooking sherry. The flavors are profound and it looks good…

I prepared a similar dish nearly 2- years ago. Both are made from scratch—just what’s in my head at the time. Saturday, I plan to cook the remainder of the beef brisket—again, prepared differently than I cooked the Christmas Brisket and the New Year’s Brisket].

Photography ~ Kit/Gear—Apple Pencil 2, 12/31

Finally, I am able to use an important component of my photography workflow.

I purchased it yesterday at our local BestBuy.

Apple Pencil 2 for my iPad Pro 12.9”

Cooking ~ New Year’s Beef Brisket—Add Final Ingredients, 12/29

Cabbage, carrots, and quartered red potatoes—YUM!

This dish is truly tasty—maybe ranking in my top-five, certainly top-ten. The blackeye peas are a delectable compliment. I’ll also eat it with cranberry sauce. The flavors well meld over-night. I expect to lift fat that solidifies. Gosh! This is so good…

Before adding the final ingredients.

The first-third [Christmas] & the final-third [01/05]