Blog ~ Twenty Sixteen Theme Cascading Style Sheet [CSS, w/REM], 03/24/2016

This, to view REMs before they were stripped from Twenty Sixteen CSS Coding in 2016.


Sample Twenty Sixteen Theme CSS Coding with REMarks.


Blog ~ Custom Twenty Sixteen CSS Code Viewable, 12/19

Now, without remarks. They were stripped by an optimizer.

You can get there by selecting “Custom 2016 CSS” from the Menu above, clicking on the image below, or this link–Custom Twenty Sixteen CSS.”

From Cycling Experiences to jalexartis Photography, 12/06

Times are a changing…

Thanks to people at Automattic [owners of WordPress.Com], my recently migrated CE Blog was trashed as it related to photographs in blog article galleries. I fixed all of November’s galleries and a few at the end of October.

The source blog for the migration is intact. I am using this blog [the one migrated from CE],  for photography. Essentially, of late, I have blogged more with pictures anyway–no more cycling here[as I  expunge related articles and others not pertaining to photography]. The process takes time. If I have cycling post, they will be in the Cycling Experiences Blog

I intend that Cycling Experiences remain online for the foreseeable future. I trust my readers will be here with me [and there for occassional pieces]. Thank you for your continued support.