Happy New Year ~ 2019

If these fellas could speak, they would say “Happy New Year!” Wishing you the best in 2019…


Photography Workflow using the iOS Darkroom – Photo Editor App, 12/27

I am now using Darkroom for photo post-processing versus my former PC App.

Link to Darkroom – Photo Editor

Revised 12/31/2018

Cooking ~ Christmas Beef Brisket, 12/24

I think it has been over a year since I have prepared a meat dish.

It is done.

Cold Moon Rising [over Glenville Lake, Fayetteville, North Carolina], 12/22

The first moonrise 4 hours & 34 minutes after full moon.

Waiting for the Cold Moon

This would have been my most anticipated shoot in a long time. I was excited about it. Moonrise was at 5:23 pm; but, it did not show at my location until about 30 minutes later. This because of the elevation at the lake. Nonetheless, signs are posted at the Mazarick Park that visitors are allowed access to the park from 8:00 am until dusk–5:36 pm yesterday. I looked it up.

Not wanting to break the rules, I packed up and went to my van about 5:40 or so. As I walked there I could see the moon rising through the trees. Oh my–the shots I could have had. I need a location without a curfew. White Lake in Bladen County is a posibility. If so, I’d likely await the January full moon- the Wolf Moon.

To do this right, I need to go early and find a place directly across from the azimuth of the moonrise. That may be a challenge.

As I look at the map, the area I need is residential. The night of the full moon is also the night of the next Total Lunar Eclipse–photographing it over water would be interesting.

Stay tuned…

2018 Event ~ Fayetteville, NC Rotary Christmas Parade–E.E. Smith High School Band, 12/08

Magnificent Marching Machine

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