Roots ~ AncestryDNA—My Ethnicity Estimate, 01/09

As determined by AncestryDNA ethnic database.


My post shortly after receiving the AncestryDNA results.

The smaller percentages of my DNA in the data at the top is from grandparents many generations age. My white European ancestors are at the top of my ancestry tree.

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Roots ~AncestryDNA Results are in, 01/08

It’s official—I’m African American; but, I knew that…

According to AncestryDNA, I am 98% African and 2% European—this is consistent with my genealogy research. I accept the African Badge and wear it with pride.

Now, I have a better idea who my peeps are—the Bantu Peoples. Note the regions with the yellow hue. Add to that the areas in green from the more western African countries.

I suspected 18th & 19th Century enslavement happened to Africans closer to the Atlantic coast and along interior waterways. 

The results came in around 11:00 pm. I have read a lot about my peeps and periods of enslavement. I have much more research to do.

There are no surprises in my AncestryDNA results. From mailing to results took 24-days—much less than their 6-8 week estimate. Thanks to my son for this birthday gift.

Now, with my analysis of my AncestryDNA Ethnicity Estimates.

Gift ~ Birthday [73rd] December 17, 2018

From the Artis family of Richmond, Virginia. Thanks guys!!!

I have a rather extensive family tree, reaching to before 1737 on my paternal grandfather’s tree and 1773 on my maternal grandmother’s ancestral branch. Michael, my son, and his wife, Pamela, are also doing genealogy research and have results from their AncestryDNA.

Following their analysis of my DNA specimen, I will soon know more about my roots. Again, thanks Pam & Mike and your children, Lia & Brandon, for this special and thoughtful gift.

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