Blog History ~ February 2006 – Present

February ~ My flickr Pictures complement this blog.

February 12 ~ Began blogging with VK2 Setup @ with a separate blog for each cycle [6 blogs].

No entries

November 30 ~ Welcome to the Cycling Experiences… Blog @ using the Vigilance Theme [now retired]. Consolidated the individual blogs into one [CEs…].

February 25 ~ 10,000 hits milestone.

March 22 ~ 15,000 hits milestone.

April 18 ~ 20,000 hits milestone.

May ~ Changed to Thirteen Theme from Vigilance..

June 9 ~ 30,000 hits milestone.

June 29 ~ 40,000 hits milestone.

July 26 ~ 50,000 hits milestone.

August 8 ~ 60,000 hits milestone [nothing published]

September 11 ~ 70,000 hits milestone [nothing published].

September 28 ~ 75,000 hits milestone.

October 10 ~ 80,000 hits milestone [nothing published].

October 28 ~ 90,000 hits milestone [nothing published].

November 30 ~ 97,966 PageViews for year one.

December 07 ~ 100,000 hits milestone @ 7:27 p.m. EST.

March 17 ~ 125,000 hits milestone [nothing published].

June 5 ~ 150,000 hits milestone [nothing published].

August 4 ~ 175,000 hits milestone [nothing published].

August 15 ~ Changed to The Journalist, Revised v1.9 Theme from the Thirteen Theme.

September 09 ~ Andi Styner delivers art work for the blog. [final]

October 7 ~ Thanks to my readers, at 8:00 a.m. EDT today we matched last year’s annual total of 97,966 PageViews [54 days earlier]. Thanks!

October 10 ~ 100,000 hits for the year, matching last year’s 100K 58 days earlier than the 12/07 date. Last year’s mark took a year and 7 days. This year’s mark happened @ 5:20 p.m. EDT.

October 14 ~ 200,000 hits milestones @ 5:33 a.m. EDT.

November 2 ~ First 100 Fans for the blog’s facebook page.

November 14 ~ Average PageViews goal of 300 PVs per day attained and exceeded. I stated the 300 PVs Goal as early as October 8 ~ Here we are just over a month later. Our average PVs at that time was 290.

November 30 ~ 225,077 PageViews in 2 years. The 300+ milestone [11/14 above] continues to grow at 308.27 PageViews. 2nd Anniversary logo by Styner displayed.

December 7 ~ Just a mark to compare the number of PageViews this year (227,708) with December 7, 2009, when the blog reached the 100K Milestone.

February 12 ~ 250,000 hits milestone [nothing published]. {Happy 42nd Birthday Sherry, my daughter}

September 20 ~ 300,000 hits milestone [short acknowledgement].

January 22 ~ Changed to the Newsy Theme from The Journalist, Revised v1.9.

January 23 ~ Created individual WebCam Pages for a larger view of the video. Each is listed under the Blog WebCam Menu.

November 28 [5:21 am EST] ~ 400,000 hits milestone [nothing published].

November 30[12:00 pm EST] – 450,000 hits milestone [nothing published].

July 21 ~ Change from Newsy Theme to the Twenty Ten Theme.

July 22 ~ Change from  the Twenty Ten Theme to the Twenty Fourteen Theme.

August 5 ~ Set the basis for contributors–a writing team and published this article.

November 20-22 ~ made adjustments to the Twenty-Fourteen theme in preparation for the new default theme–Twenty-Fifteen.

December 10 ~ Activated and customized the new default theme–Twenty Fifteen. I like it!

December 27 @ 10:05 am EST ~ Finally at 500,005 [1/2 million] hits milestone. & It took 2 years and almost another month for this 50,000 [450,000 11/30/2013]. [nothing published]. Will it take 6 years for the next 1/2 million? I’m thinking longer unless things perk up. I no longer have the BROL source of readers I had earlier.

November 11 ~ Photograph selected for the 11/23/15 Time Magazine Cover.

November 30 ~ Seven years blogging @

December 10 ~ Retired Twenty Fifteen Theme and Activated and customized Twenty Sixteen Theme. It is the best theme yet!

January ~ I ended my membership with the Cross Creek Cycling Club of, Fayetteville, North Carolina.

February 12 ~ Noted my 10th year of blogging.

March 2 ~ Received modified blog logo from Andie Styner.

May 12 ~ Added QR Code to blog header.and subsequently removed it. I did not note the date. If I recall, there was an issue with its appearance on mobile devices.

March 28 @ 08:10 am EDT ~ 600,014  hits milestone [nothing published]. That is 2 years and 3 months since the 500,000 hits milestone was reached. The pace has slowed considerably. It will be a crawl to the One Million Mark. Will I see it in my blogging experience???

April 11 ~ Theme Twenty Seventeen was released today. I tried it twice and decided to stay with the Twenty Sixteen Theme [for now anyway]. I have too much invested in the CSS to spend the time to make the new theme look anything like the blog look now. I published an article.

September 10 ~ Changed Theme Twenty Sixteen to dark. Announced the uploading of the CSS, 10/15. Colors: Green–#1f881f Hex and Gray: #c6c6c6 Hex.

November 16 ~ Changed Twenty Sixteen Theme to a single column in preparation for Gutenberg Block Editing

11/17 – 11/21 ~ This blog was migrated by Automattic Happiness Engineers to a different server to allow me to use plugins [all in prep for the Gutenberg Editor, WordPress 5.0, and the Twenty Nineteen Theme. The blog had to no larger than 50GB to do so. The process caused me to loose all “likes” and “ratings.” I AM NOT HAPPY!

November 25 ~ Changed this Blog History Page to Tabs.

November 29 ~ Over the last 3 days, I discovered jumbled galleries [detailed below] within my post that have galleries. So, At 5:11 AM GMT, I sent the following to Happiness Engineers via chat: “My blog is in total shambles! My posts have the incorrect pictures in the gallery for that post. I have fixed 28 of them from current through October 26. As best I can determine the HTML code for gallery pictures with that post now has a different picture for that code. I have a disaster and have now worked 3 days to fix the 28 that I have fixed. I have over 5,000 post. I do not know how many of them have galleries with pictures that do not relate to the post title. Your migration of my blog is a TOTAL Fail! It may take my years to resolve. Good you are Happiness Engineers. I am one Unhappy Customer!!! Oh don’t forget, I lost all my likes and ratings, with no warning for those ready to get me to a server where I can use plugins. Lesson: Be careful what you ask for!”

Moments of truth:

“ Fri, Nov 30, 5:57 AM I see what you mean. I was able to compare it to the original post on your old site.

jalexartis Fri, Nov 30, 5:59 AM Great!

jalexartis Fri, Nov 30, 5:59 AM I have now fixed the post in question. Fri, Nov 30, 6:00 AM I have never seen this happen before. I am so sorry that you have been dealing with this. Fri, Nov 30, 6:00 AM I am going to investigate this some more and see what I can find. I am confident we can resolve this for you.

jalexartis Fri, Nov 30, 6:01 AM Comparing my old and new is a fantastic way to see what I have been doing to fix my most recent post. I have several thousand with galleries. I bet this problem is deep…”

I received this email as a follow-up to my chat: “Tony ***** (Automattic) Nov 30, 07:27 UTC Hi there, We were chatting via live chat earlier about the broken galleries on your site after the migration. I’m still investigating this issue and will be in touch with more information as soon as possible. Cheers! Tony *****”

December 06 ~ Changed the blog to one on photography []. I am truly UPSET about what happened. I still have a lot to sort out…

December 12 ~ Waiting for WordPress did not work for me. They went off on a tangent. i took matters in my hands by making this blog my primary blog. I have to get WP to do the same for my old Cycling Experiences Blog. I delect all contents before November 2018. This blog is now what I want for photography.

December 12 ~ Changed the browser tab icon to a silhouetted camera with a transparent background. Credit: Icons made by Daniel Bruce from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY