Nature ~ Big Bear Bald Eagle Cam—Above the Fluff, 03/07/2020

The eggs, that is…

The “infamous eggs”, now nearing 60 days since they were laid—normal bald eagle eggs hatch in 35_44 days. These have be classified as non-viable by experts, yet some hold out hope for a miracle. It matters not that a eaglets size would far exceed an eggs capacity in this time period. Still, Jackie, the mom, and Shadow, the dad, have not buried the eggs, have not eaten the eggs, etc. The ravens have not made off with them. Yes, the parents continue to incubate them.

Jackie is a brooding eagle. It is her instinct to sit on the eggs until they are no more—hatched or lost to nature. Some of the viewers are saddened—they cry at the thought of Jackie & Shadow pining about this clutch not hatching. I give we are each entitled to our view and our emotions. My reading and experiences put me in a different place. Over time, they are expected to spend less and less time at the nest. They are so doing now.

So, if you will, the egg watch goes on. What will be their ultimate demise and how long will it take? Whatever it is, I want to capture it in photographs. For now, the eggs remain above the fluff…

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