Blog ~ Publications: 7 Nature Articles on Big Bear Bald Eagle Cam, 02/22/2020 – 03/07/2020

I think there is more to come…

Over the last two weeks, I have written and published the above 7 articles about a pair of bald eagles, Jackie & Shadow, who are nesting 100’ above the ground in a 120’ Jeffery Pine Tree that sits 7,000’ above sea level at Big Bear Lake in Southern California, northeast of San Bernardino and about 100 miles northeast of Los Angles.

The eagles have been, and continue to, incubate the two eggs Jackie laid mid-January. Of course, those eggs are no longer viable, if they ever were. You may imagine there is interest in the status of the eggs and the mated pair. The Livestream Cam has 9.19K YouTube Subscribers–several thousand watch and chat daily.

My blog articles contain photographs [screen captures] from the 24/7, 365 camera operated by the I add my commentary to the events of the day, as they relate to the pictures I choose to capture and share. You can see them in my Flickr Album titled 2020 Big Bear Eagle Cam. There are just over 200 pictures that have been viewed over 125 times. Many have even made it into the top 25 of my Flickr 2020 Most Interesting Album. I invite you to visit both. Thank you.