Nature ~ Big Bear Bald Eagle Cam, 02/23/2020

The morning began with a Shadow flyby and then his landing to relieve Jackie after her overnight shift.

Wow! I am liking the 32 screen grabs [captures] I have made of these two bald eagles—Jackie & Shadow. I have observed them for nearly a week now as they make every effort to give to this world 2 additional bald eagles. Although, it is doubtful for this clutch—I feel certain the future will bring us more offspring from this pair.

The opportunity to capture their nesting and related pictures would not be possible without many others—the U.S. Forest Service – San Bernardino, Facebook’s Big Bear Lake Bald Eagles Group, the YouTube Big Bear Eagle Cam, Friends of Big Bear Valley, the live chats, the moderators, and especially the camera operators who give viewers the moments that we can savor and maybe, just maybe capture Jackie & Shadow living their truths and impressing us all. I am happy to have been able to record a few of my impressions. Enjoy…

I know there are countless others who support this effort, the Friends of Big Bear Valley being one. They installed and maintain the camera that we enjoy to watch the nest. As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization they need public support. You can donate to them at their site.

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