jalexartis ~ Hair Styling, Natural Genius Hair Salon, Fayetteville, North Carolina, 12/23

Stylist: Tressa

Okay! Here I am 6-days after my 74th Birthday with a retwist of my dreadlocs and a first-time hairstyle [and photos of me] by Tressa, Natural Genius Hair Salon, downtown Fayetteville, NC. My hair extends below my pectoral muscles in front and shoulder blades in back.

Tressa styled a dreadloc crown of my locs to reduce the weight of my hair on new growth. Over my 7 years of wearing my hair loced, I have had some breakage. Over the next year Tressa will reattach some of my broken locs. That will cost me $10 for each repair.

I will forever be indebted to and most thankful to Nafisah, my first stylist and the person who cared for my hair for the last 7 years. Nafisah consulted with Tressa and put her in contact with me for repair of broken locs and to be my new stylist.

I like today’s style. Repaired locs on the crown on my head, will allow subsequent styles to cover more of my receding hairline. Let’s see what we have a year from now.

Thanks Nafisah and Tressa!

2019 pics of yours truly in a Flickr Album.