Downtown Fayetteville, NC Happenings ~ Parking Deck’s Completion Enters Another Month, 12/01

I hope we are close to the bottom two levels opening—maybe in December.

I published my last update on this parking deck’s construction November 6, 2019. Since then there has been a lot of progress, yet much more to be done before it is released for use. The bottom two levels were to have been finished by the end of last month. I do not have a revised use date, nor the number of levels that will be put into use.

I am anticipating this month and the two lower levels. There remains brick work—most on the west side. Windows are being installed on the east side.

Maybe, there will be sufficient progress for a photo update at the end of this week. I continue to capture these shots with my iPhone 11 Pro. Stay tuned for my next photo update…

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