DIY ~ Wood Shadow Box for Nanoleaf Canvas—Finished, 11/27

Now, topped off with a crystal turtle…

This accent lighting display has 13 Nanoleaf Canvas Lighting Panels placed in a DIY wood shadowbox. For a 3D-effect, I placed the top of a garden trellis in the box. Backlit by the panels, it yields a nice silhouette atop the panels.

Filling the top-center of the piece is a crystal turtle. It is translucent and reflective and makes the creation more unique and special. It fills a gap that would otherwise just be dark. Otherwise, the trellis top would be lost.

The multitude of colors give an interesting ambiance for my office/man-cave. It is a special place from which to podcast.

You can also see these pics in my 2019 DIYs in this Flickr Album.

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