Downtown Fayetteville, NC Happenings ~ Parking Deck’s Expanding Facade, 10/18

Now, more telling as to the look of the finished deck

The north wall [closest to the stadium] scaffolding is down. The wall is nearly finished. For the remainder of the structure, I think lots of brick will be laid next week. The south wall panels are up. I am waiting to see what covers the holes where there is no brick. It is quite interesting to check construction periodically during the week. The next week or so will be quite revealing…

Imagine a 7-story and a 5-story building on top of the deck. If I recall, that’s an office complex and hotel respectively. The finished structure will be Fayetteville’s tallest building. It will tower over SEGRA Stadium.

Flickr Album with these photos [taken w/iPhone 11 Pro]

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