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Roots ~ AncestryDNA—My Ethnicity Estimate, 01/09

As determined by AncestryDNA ethnic database.

My post shortly after receiving the AncestryDNA results.

The smaller percentages of my DNA in the data at the top is from grandparents many generations age. My white European ancestors are at the top of my ancestry tree.

Likewise, the smaller percentage of my DNA from my African grandparents is from people who were closer to the African west coast. More recent ancestors [the yellow hues] may have come from the Bantu Peoples as they migrated eastward in Africa.

African Ancestry sells a DNA kit for males for $300. They say: “We are the only company whose tests place your African ancestry in a present-day country/region in Africa. Other companies will only tell you that your lineage is from Africa but cannot tell you specifically where in Africa.”

For now, I am good with the results I have from AncestryDNA. If I where traveling to Africa, I’d want the most complete information I can get.

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