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Gift ~ Birthday [73rd] December 17, 2018

From the Artis family of Richmond, Virginia. Thanks guys!!!

I have a rather extensive family tree, reaching to before 1737 on my paternal grandfather’s tree and 1773 on my maternal grandmother’s ancestral branch. Michael, my son, and his wife, Pamela, are also doing genealogy research and have results from their AncestryDNA.

Following their analysis of my DNA specimen, I will soon know more about my roots. Again, thanks Pam & Mike and your children, Lia & Brandon, for this special and thoughtful gift.

I received it the day before my birthday and mailed it on my birthday. It has been received. I expect processing to begin early next year. Ancestry advises it may be 6-8 weeks before I have results.

At a minimum, I hope to learn the African country of my ancestors. I expect to share my DNA roots here. Stay tuned…

01/03 Update

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