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From Cycling Experiences to jalexartis Photography, 12/06

Times are a changing…

Thanks to people at Automattic [owners of WordPress.Com], my recently migrated CE Blog was trashed as it related to photographs in blog article galleries. I fixed all of November’s galleries and a few at the end of October.

The source blog for the migration is intact. I am using this blog [the one migrated from CE],  for photography. Essentially, of late, I have blogged more with pictures anyway–no more cycling here[as I  expunge related articles and others not pertaining to photography]. The process takes time. If I have cycling post, they will be in the Cycling Experiences Blog

I intend that Cycling Experiences remain online for the foreseeable future. I trust my readers will be here with me [and there for occassional pieces]. Thank you for your continued support.



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…and through all of this, WordPress has new core software–WordPress 5.0 which features a new editor that uses blocks, called Gutenberg. I have now used [and like it] it for several weeks. I want to keep the site interesting…