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Technology ~ iPad Pro 12.9 [3rd Generation], 11/22

Replacement device for iPad Pro 10.9, sold 11/04.


I expect my greatest use of this iPad will be the remote control of the Canon EOS 6D through CamRanger. The LiveView Screen size is significantly larger and of course, increased speed [along with CamRanger 2–due sometime in 2019] will allow me to take pictures more rapidly. My initial impressions are very positive. I should take my first pictures with this 12.9 Pro this weekend.

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I did not take pictures using the new iPad Pro this past weekend. I was waiting for the Bodyguardz screen protector I ordered last Monday, 11/19. It seems USPS is have issues delivering this order. I wonder if it could be weather related. It was shipped from Utah. Anyway, I initiated an inquiry with Bodyguardz today, 11/26.

I am still waiting. Yesterday, Taylor at Bodyguardz says if I do not have it by Friday, 11/30, they will send another one. Then, I have to wait again…

Finally! My cover was delivered today at 11:55 am as I was talking to Taylor of Bodyguardz. Tracking still showed the deliver date wasunknown. I complained about the shipper and tracking updates. Nonetheless, Taylor gave me a 50% discount code. I amconcerned with shipping being fixed rather than being able to buy the product cheaper. Their covers are expensive–$63 or so for this. I received a 20% discount as a returning customer. My statement was: I like your product. I do not like your shipping. Shipping may cause meto buy else where. We shall see…