Photography ~ The OBX Experience, 01/20-01/21

Kill Devil Hills–North Carolina Outer Banks

This was a quick one-night trip with three targets sets of photographs: 1) 01/20 moonrise; 2) the Super Blood Wolf Moon lunar eclipse; and, 3) 01/21 sunrise. For the most part, clouds were a challenge. They blocked seeing the Sunday evening moonrise and the Monday morning sunrise–ruling out seeing the moon and sun shimmering on the ocean as they peak above the surface.

Nonetheless, there are some good captures in this group. I will do this shoot again–less the lunar eclipse, but closer to home next time–maybe Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina [its’s the closest to me].

Stay tuned…

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Cooking ~ Oven Cooked Pork Chops & Roasted Veggies, 01/10

Extraordinarily good…

The vegetable medley consist of sliced carrots, green beets, minced garlic, and red potatoes—marinated in Tamari Soy Sauce, Apple Cider Vinegar, & Worcestershire Sauce; with multiple spices [including Rosemary]; and, coated with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with a bit of brown sugar—then oven roasted.

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Roots ~ AncestryDNA—My Ethnicity Estimate, 01/09

As determined by AncestryDNA ethnic database.

My post shortly after receiving the AncestryDNA results.

The smaller percentages of my DNA in the data at the top is from grandparents many generations age. My white European ancestors are at the top of my ancestry tree.

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